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the platform for the next generation of talent

Companies share what they do with the next generation of talent— and build the skills of tomorrow’s workforce today.



  • Drive interest of new talent to your industry.

  • Raise brand awareness about your company/organization.​

  • Help teens discover their passion through real-life stories and authentic learning experiences.

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Karyn Pollak

Chief Legal Officer

Social Impact Champion + +

My Unique Genius Career Story Featured Professional

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Danielle De Grande

VP of Technology Services + Digital Enablement at Thomson Reutersl


  • Visibility/Brand Awareness:
    Our partnership offers shareable, valuable advertising for your company with meaningful social impact. Our videos are featured on YouTube and all social platforms. They'll also be seen in classrooms nationwide. Students get to know your company name, building widespread brand awareness with the next generation of talent and consumers.

  • Next Gen Talent:
    Through our partnership, your company gets introduced to the next generation of talent through our video stories, and students also gain early access to the skills needed to succeed at your company and within your industry.

  • Social Impact:
    Together, we shape the lives of young people by showing them what's possible: professional pathways, real stories of success, and how to get there.

  • Community Relations:
    Let us connect you with schools in your local area, so you can make a significant social impact while building important community relationships.


Way too many teens arrive at the threshold of adulthood lost and unsure of the essence of who they are or their place in the world. We've got the tools to help. Unlocking possibilities is our mission and mandate — to reframe human potential so that millions of teens around the world tap into their unique talents and aspirations to build a truly meaningful and impactful life.


We are an education media/curriculum company that helps teens explore what’s possible after high school. We tell the human stories behind diverse careers to allow teens to unlock possibilities both in the classroom and on their own. We also guide teens toward developing the next generation skills they need to tackle the big decisions ahead. Our content and learning experiences are truly story-based, featuring videos and interactive learning activities that speak the language of teens and make life-building both engaging and transformative.


We partner with companies and organizations to support the next generation of talent.

Unique to our system, The Life Builder Lab    is the hub where industry and employers can play a role and have needs met. We work together with companies to build career-specific learning content and experiences that resonate with teens and help build the next generation of talent. Some of our partner companies include JetBlue, Regeneron and Thomson Reuters — who are all helping to bring awareness to careers in the aerospace, biotechnology, and news/technology industries through career stories and workplace partnerships. Together, we're helping kids discover their passions and build their futures.

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