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our mission

To be the space where teens create their futures — offering

future-readiness learning for the next generation of talent —

where stories lead exploration. Reframing the measure of human potential and how it’s ignited.  It’s no longer a question of if you’re smart, but how you’re smart.


Teens are arriving at the threshold of adulthood unprepared and  unsure of the essence of who they are or their place in the world.



Schools need a way to personalize + inspire the process of

self-discovery, career exploration, and pathway mapping in the classroom to unlock the potential of every student.


Teens need smart, relevant tools and guidance to discover
themselves, their passions, and their path.


My Unique Genius™ is a future readiness platform that builds innovative tools and solutions for career and exploration.


The Life Builder Lab™ is FREE for the first year, ensuring
equitable access to all schools and learners.

our story

At My Unique Genius™, we believe in transforming the way young people prepare for their futures. Our journey began with the passion and vision of Chief Executive Officer Geoff Helt, who broke new ground in education by founding Forge School in Bend, Oregon. This innovative institution focuses on hands-on experiential learning and the philosophy that every student should have the opportunity to discover their unique genius. Geoff's lifelong commitment to unlocking human potential and his deep expertise in executive consulting highlighted the urgent need for a shift in educational paradigms. In 2022, he launched My Unique Genius™ to bring this transformative vision to life.

Meanwhile, in New York City, our Chief Design Officer Jennifer L.M. Gunn was a veteran educator, following a career in publishing. She spent much of her career in education crafting innovative learning models for the city's public high school students. She witnessed firsthand the struggles many learners faced as they entered their senior year. With no preparation or support, teens were routinely thrust into college applications, and high-stakes decision-making — whether or not that was the best fit. A focus on college-only readiness excluded so many students from the support and exploration they deserve. Jennifer created more in-depth future-readiness learning for NYC teens, but she knew this vision had to expand.

United by their shared vision for innovation, our founders combined their expertise and passion to drive the mission of My Unique Genius™. Our goal is to provide transformative, story-based learning experiences that empower teens to discover their unique talents and aspirations. We are dedicated to doing right by young people, supporting educators and parents, and ensuring that teens develop a strong sense of self and a clear path forward.


Now joined by talented team members like our Chief Technology Officer Bennett Smith, Vice President of Market Development Kim Lopez-Walters, and Vice President of Engineering Rahul Matta, we are even more equipped to revolutionize education and make future-readiness a reality for all students. Each team member brings their unique genius to this project, and we are committed to building a brighter future where every young person can thrive and achieve their full potential.

My Unique Genius™ is more than a curriculum; it's a movement towards future-readiness for all. By fostering an environment of inclusivity, creativity, and hands-on learning, we help students navigate their journey with confidence and clarity. Join us in revolutionizing education and empowering the next generation of talent to reach their full potential.

real stories of success,
so teens can build their own.

Stories change lives. Exploration opens the pathways to possibility.

My Unique Genius shares impactful stories of success from real professionals in diverse careers, so that students can explore what's possible.


We offer story-centered learning and exploration for teens so they can discover their passions and talents, build skills, try pursuits and unlock their unique genius. Our library of career stories is always expanding. 

If your company would like to be featured in one of our career stories,

reach out to our team.

the leadership team

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