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Real teen leaders sharing their experiences and what they learn along the way.


17 years old

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16 years old

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Kailynn P.

17 years old

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The My Unique Genius    TLAB (Teen Leadership Advisory Board) is an opportunity for teens to participate in professional learning opportunities and make meaningful professional connections.

  • Participants can share their exploration journey with the My Unique Genius    community by becoming a MUG TLAB Leader, like Rainer.

  • Partake in MUG Meet Ups (career Q&A sessions) 

  • Get first-access to The Life Builder Journal activities and MUG Career Events. 

  • Connect with other teens who are discovering who they are and building their life. 



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The Life Builder Journal leads teens through the process of choosing a career path with tools to help explore their talents, interests, and skills. It is the ultimate resource for building a meaningful life.


The MUG Method for Next Gen Skills unlocks possibilities through a process of self-discovery, exploration, and the learning of next gen skills. Teens get to embark on an epic journey — the one where they figure out who they are, what they love and how they want to live their life. This journal is their guide!


Through the activities, exercises, stories and linked videos in this book, teens can tap into their ambition and motivation to uncover their passion and purpose. They can develop a support network, strengthen their resilience, curiosity and creativity — and then build a vision for their future. All this while digging in to who they really are to design a meaningful life. Like we said, epic.

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