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The Life Builder Journal
  • The Life Builder Journal

    The Life Builder Journal has 10 chapters of activities, exercises, stories and linked videos where teens can tap into their ambition and motivation to uncover their passion and purpose. They will develop a support network, strengthen their resilience, curiosity, and creativity — and then build a vision and plan for their future. All this while digging into who they really are, building an impressive portfolio, and ultimately charting a clear path forward.


    The journal becomes a teen’s portfolio, while giving teens the tools they need to build a meaningful life.


    Teens: This is the perfect gift for the teen in your life. 


    Educators: It's a classroom-ready tool, with a vast accompanying library of stories and videos!


    Parents: Use this journal together with your teen to help guide them through uncertainty!


    Counselors: It's an activity-based tool to help teens develop their sense of self and create a path.


    Order your copy now!

    ​​​​​​​Note: This is best paired with The Catalyst Curriculum.

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