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Unleashing Success: The Ultimate Career-Centered Learning Tool for Summer School

A study from ECMC Group shows that only 39% of students have “taken classes on career exploration or have participated in a program to help them determine future career paths.” The study also shows that 85% of students feel pressure to pursue a four-year degree.

These numbers are concerning. They unveil a burning need: teens need guidance in finding clarity, confidence, and capacity in their future. At a time that is already so pivotal to growth, teens should be given opportunities to explore their talents and careers that align — summer school is that opportunity.

Summer school may be the only time students get to explore careers before jumping into the challenging real-world of college or career. Covering topics like career exploration, networking, and developing next-gen skills will create a more well-rounded future for the next generation.

Career Exploration

With many schools lacking career exploration in their standard curriculum, summer school presents a prime opportunity for students to delve into their interests, talents, and potential pathways. The My Unique Genius YouTube channel and website offer captivating career videos and informative exploration resources, ensuring your students stay engaged and continue learning throughout the summer.

Networking Practice

Networking can often feel uncomfortable, even for adults. To help your students gain an advantage, we suggest incorporating Networking 101 into your summer classroom curriculum. By practicing essential networking skills and techniques, your students will be well-prepared for their future endeavors, no matter what pathway they choose.

Engaging in activities such as creating an elevator pitch, exploring LinkedIn, or establishing a mentorship enables students to actively practice networking, opening doors to transformative opportunities. These experiences have the potential to significantly impact their lives, authentically building next gen skills that pave the way for future success.

Build Next Gen Skills

There is a lot that goes into choosing and building a career. It’s not all about skills and networking — there are mindset shifts that should be made early in life to set students up for success. Focus your summer school sessions around building next gen skills such as developing a growth mindset, building resilience, and getting cool with uncertainty. Getting students thinking about these skills will set them up for success in their professional and academic life.

Your summer school lesson plans will be enriched with this array of life skills, all conveniently accessible through The Life Builder Journal. This journal is the perfect fit for summer school programming as it's tailored for teenagers, aiding them in nurturing their individual talents and exploring potential career paths. It serves as an invaluable resource to meet your students' developmental needs during the summer session. Get a preview of this monumental shift in career exploration with a free download from The Life Builder Journal:

Purchase The Life Builder Journal for your summer school students on Amazon or on our website.



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