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The life builder journal example:


Write, draw, and/or paste in images and words that fit the vision you have for your life. Use a poster board if you want to go bigger!

  • Your vision board can look like anything

    • For some people, that's a big image-filled visual collage. ​

    • For other people, it's a bunch of lists or words.

    • The point is to get your visions, ideas, and goals down onto paper. 


Vision Board Example

vision boards, detailed writing

"Get that dream out of just your head and get that vision board out in front of you. Because when you look at it every day, it becomes obtainable and then energy goes into it every day. That's what makes it happen, because it's not just a thought, it's the vision."

—Jennifer Prendergrast

Mental Health Counselor

Jennifer Prendergrast
Vision Board Example
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