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What Is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of academic, professional, and personal materials

that highlight your skills, beliefs, experiences, education, and achievements.


To curate means to save and organize things, and give them meaning. Your portfolio is where you curate your achievements, ideas and inspiration over time to create a professional collection. Put together your best work, your big questions, and important thoughts!

What Goes In Your Portfolio?

In this journal, we get you started with some guided questions to help gather information for your portfolio. There are also open writing spaces, and room to tape or paste things in. We encourage you to tuck things into the book as well! Starting a physical and digital Portfolio folder is also good idea to save important works and things like recommendation letters, transcripts, awards, and other artifacts! The Portfolio in this journal covers your interests, beliefs, academics, professional exploration activities, networking, inspiration — as well as room for thoughts and questions.

Why Do This?

As you begin to explore what's possible for your professional life, it's important to start putting together the pieces you'll need for that pathway. When you have somewhere to gather your things, it all gets easily organized into an impressive collection.


Portfolio Contents List

Your portfolio can be a mix of:

  • Written text/lists

  • Images you've attached

  • Artifacts you've collected


Don't worry about how it looks. Just build it!

Note: Your portfolio will come together over time.  Don't feel like you have to create it all in one sitting.  Portfolios are edited and added to as you grow and experience new things.

The Life Builder Journal Portfolio Example
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