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The life builder journal examples:

building my life road map

Building your life road map is all about mapping out the steps you should take to realize your dreams and goals. These steps need not feel scary — they're all part of living your dream. We've broken down the steps into categories to make it more clear. 

  1. Exploration + Research

  2. Academic Steps

  3. Extracurricular and Life Steps


See below for some examples of tasks that you can add to your roadmap or list. Don't be overwhelmed! You don't necessarily have to do all of this — and certainly not all at once. Consider what actions and steps might be useful for your pathway this month, the next 6 months, this academic year, or in the near future. 


Again, you don't have to map out a big plan all at once. Come back to this map and work on it over time as your life unfolds. Maybe today you just think about this month. Little by little, a plan will reveal itself. 


Life Plan Map Example from The Life Builder Journal
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