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The life builder journal example:

elevator pitch

What would you say if you had 30 seconds with someone really important to your dreams? Having a quick introduction ready to go is handy for when you find yourself thrown into professional situations or meeting new people.


  • An elevator pitch is a quick introduction and summary of who you are and what you do.

  • If you have a project or idea, it can be a quick, persuasive speech about your idea.

  • It's called an elevator pitch because it's the speech you would use if you found yourself on a short elevator ride with someone important and had to use your opportunity fast!

  • Everyone should have an elevator pitch introduction at the ready because networking opportunities exist everywhere and pop up unexpectedly!



Elevator Pitch Checklist


Hi! My name is Mya Robbins. I'm a future medical student and I'm currently interning at Eastland Medical Center. I also run my school's Biomedical Club. I read your recent article on robotic assisted surgery outcomes. I would love to ask you some questions about your career journey if you have any openings in your calendar. Would you mind if I emailed you to set something up? Thank you!

Elevator Pitch Example from The Life Builder Journal
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